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While it’s still upper 80’s in the Bay Area, Fall weather is slowly creeping in, so I’ve started transitioning my wardrobe for colder climates, bringing scarves, sweaters and coats to the front of the closet. I always hold on to classic staples for years and years, but I do like to stock up on seasonal items I consider must haves, that mix well with items in my existing wardrobe. This season, I’m on the lookout for sweater dresses, a statement coat, wear-with-everything booties and a turtleneck for layering underneath sleeveless dresses and vests.

I do 100% of my shopping online unless I’m traveling, which can be time-consuming and pricey when ordering a lot at once, so using a service like Trunk Club is a huge help! There aren’t any subscription fees, shipping is always free both ways and you’re only charged for the items you keep- but wait, it gets better! Trunk Club offers clothing, shoes and accessories for all sizes!

Upon signing up for the service, you answer a series of questions about your personal style likes and dislikes, then you’re connected to a personal stylist. Within 48 hours, your stylist sends you an email preview of what’s being sent in your personalized trunk, which you have 24 hours to provide feedback on, before it ships. Once your trunk arrives, you have 5 days to try everything on in the privacy of your home and decide what you want to keep or send back. If you’re in Chicago, NY, Dallas, LA or DC, Trunk Club also has brick and mortar clubhouses you can visit by appointment only, to try on items in person.

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My latest shipment had so many amazing things, it was hard to send anything back! I ended up keeping the classic black bootie, oversized windowpane sweater jacket, the baroque print sweater dress and long sleeve cashmere turtleneck.

Thanks to Trunk Club for sponsoring this post.