*NSFW – lingerie images* 

Here I am a month later, having taken a short blogging break to restore myself. I hope you have been well, please fill me in with what you have been up to and how life has been treating you!

This year has seen me indulge in plenty of gorgeous two piece swimsuits. Swimsuits make me feel like a sexy water siren. I decided to take that sexiness factor one step further with my friend Chrystal Bougon’s online store, Curvy Girl Lingerie. Yes – LINGERIE – you read that right.

I never saw myself as someone who was sexy. I knew I was not one of those girls who would turn heads or have people enchanted by my aesthetic appearance. I was pretty sure I was always meant to look plain or dull. My opinions did change once Curves Become Her took flight and I learnt something so very important – if I love how I look, what people think of me is not my concern. Each fashion post consists of wearing something I adore and it broadens my horizons that much more. Which is why you enjoy my work, because you can see I clearly am feeling a look or writing from the heart.

Lingerie though, now that was a challenge even for me. I am not as chesty as my other plus size sisters and I have trouble shopping for bras, which has made my selection of undergarment quite boring, quite unlike my style. It has become a utilitarian garment sadly. As for sultry boudoir lingerie, I had never owned any! If bra and panty shopping was such a challenge how was I going to even consider that option?

I was surprised and honoured when Chrystal reached out – She had mused to herself after checking out a swimsuit post of mine ‘If she looks that good in swimwear DAMN she’ll look good in our lingerie’

So I took my pick and waited with baited breath for the goodies to arrive, oh my goodness I was such a cartoon when they finally got here! I tried them on and my face turned red, I was so shy I asked myself “Will you be able to do this Aarti?”

After some encouragement from the hubster, I decided to have a proper look at myself in the mirror. DAMN, Chrystal was right! I was still so very bashful though..so for the next few weeks, it became a routine – I would put them on, take selfies and appraise them..shake my head and try, try again. Until I decided tonight, September 13th would be the night! You shall forever be the date I finally let my fear of wearing lingerie dissipate. What was the worst that was going to happen? trolls? pervs? Those folks I shrug at. The important thing is I took on this challenge to expand my body beautiful point of view and I succeeded. I think🙂

Monologue over, time for some photographs!

img_0751 img_0752

 Pic 1 – The Lorinda in size 2X

Pic 2 – The Chantel in size 1X/2X (similar item here)

The Lorinda teal lace teddy in size 2X


A very comfortable one piece that can be worn beneath a dress or top, it has such pretty lace details at the centre, the back and the hem. It is so stunning in teal.

img_0728 img_0726 img_0729



Makeup was bathed in hues of bronze and rouge for this look.

The Chantel hook-corset styled set in size 1X/2X

img_0733 img_0732

This fiery two piece set does not have a lace back that needs to be tied like a regular corset, it has hooks to close it at the back instead. The bra has lining just like the Lorinda so it does have support. Another gorgeous lacy number that can be worn beneath clothing, as a top for clubbing that could be paired with a leather skirt and a sheer cover up or shirt if you’d like. I had to get red lingerie, red always looks good on me🙂


Makeup was an earthy brown for this look and I accessorised with a diamante choker.

And now, for the piece de resistance! You didn’t think I was done did you?

The Katia chemise with thong set in size 2X


Because, black lingerie is always a good choice.

The details on this chemise set are perfection!

img_0737 img_0740 img_0741 img_0742

Here is the description of this beauty from the store:

“The Katia” is a sexy black chemise features sheer cups with strappy detailing, adjustable lace shoulder straps, a black satin bow accent, a sheer lace underbust band, side and back cut-outs, a hook and eye back closure, a solid front panel with a netted trim, sheer gathered side panels, a scalloped lace hem, a keyhole back opening, adjustable garters, and a matching panty.

That is a whole lot of sexy! All it was missing was thigh highs, but I was so daunted by the prospect of wearing sexy lingerie so it did not even occur to me until much later! I still think it looks fine as hell. My head was not purposefully chopped off, the hubster was trying to get the details of the outfit..well that was his excuse. This photo shoot was a visual joy for him haha! To be fair he loves any outfit I pick but this was an extra delight for him.


Makeup for this look was set in shades of nude and accessorised with this black choker from Lovisa. Oh you know, the only place I ever seem to buy accessories! What can I say, I am a creature of habit in some senses😛

Curvy Girl Lingerie caters to us plus size femme fatales from a size 1X to a size 6X, so there is plenty of lingerie to covet for us! This haul was so enlightening because it challenged my personal notion of being sexy. I did not feel sexy in anything I wore for a very long time and this made me face that inner critic head on with defiance. Like you always hear me say, this is still an ongoing journey for me. What I know for sure now is that since I have popped my lingerie cherry, there is no looking back. I am going to indulge in these pretty outfits from time to time because why the hell not? We always deserve to feel good in our skin, this is the thought process that keeps me revved for more possibilities and fashion discoveries.

Since I basked in these gorgeous Curvy Girl Lingerie, here are a few shots of me in my regular lingerie. Another step into the right direction of feeling body beautiful🙂


img_0748 img_0746

     I leave you now, face still flushed after uploading these images. But I feel at peace with myself. Onwards! Chat Soon xx Aarti Olivia Dubey | Curves Become Her    

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