jay-miranda-flutter-3Blouse – Skirt (similar) – Heels

The end of summer is drawing near and while I’ve been eyeing fall fashion for a few weeks now, I’m trying to soak in the sun while I can. This blush pink look might be the most emblematic of my summer outfits–sweet, wispy, relaxed.

I got to spend a lot of time with my husband and daughter this summer. One beach day stands out in my mind because everything started off wrong–the surf was angry, our three-year-old hated the sand, and I forgot the beach blanket at home. But in the end we found an awesome fish shack, spent the afternoon exploring little beach town shops, and Julia came home with a new dress (which reminds me of the day every time she wears it.) There was just something about how a bad day can take a turn and suddenly everything is lovely. It’s a good reminder.

I put together this outfit using a blouse and skirt from Target’s Who What Wear collection. I loved the shape these two pieces made–it looks like something I’d see in magazine editorial which I’d never find in my size. Chloe vibes. These ruffles are EVERYTHING. This is exactly the kind of look that plus-size women are supposed to shy away from because maybe it’s not the most “flattering” choice. As you can see, I’m still out here being a proponent of wearing what you love.

Other summer notables: “Never Be Like You” by Flume, coconut cream chocolates, these pink suede sandals I wore so much, growing thicker brows, and Palm Springs with my mom and sister.

Photos by Jessica Castro