I’ve got good news!! I finally made a big girl purchase and bought myself photoshop which means I can now start editing photos again. You know what that means? More outfit posts! I have so many backdated pictures I’m dying to share and now I can finally do that. So, expect more here and with any luck, I’ll be making new posts every Tuesday!





This summer has been all about wearing pieces that I’ve had hanging in my closet for God knows and I’m proud of how good I’ve been. As my style develops, its a lot less hard to give away pieces I genuinely can’t make an outfit out of and even easier to discover new ways to wear things I’ve had stashed away. Take this skirt, for example. I’d say its been in my closet for a solid 3 years at this point and I’ve never worn it. First off, yes I’m fully aware that that’s completely ridiculous. In my defence, I forget it was there. After a big closet overhaul, I rediscovered it and immediately knew how I wanted to pair it. I’m now obsessed with this whole look and I cannot believe I let it go unworn for so long. The only thing I’d go back and changed about this outfit is the socks. I loved it at the time but now looking back, I kind of cringe at them. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Top: New Look Skirt: New Look Purse: Indigo Earrings: Forever21 Socks: Sock Dreams Shoes: Urban Outfitters