When it comes to fashion, why does it seem like "casual" and "comfortable" are dirty words? Growing up reading fashion magazine you rarely saw any casual looks in those glossy pages. No one ever looked comfortable wearing those high end designer clothing. Even watching fashion makeover shows like "What Not To Wear" dressing casual was often frowned upon.  I mean casual and comfortable doesn't mean sloppy or boring, well at least not to me! I live in casual comfortable clothing, its what best suits my lifestyle. I don't claim to be the most stylish or fashionable, but I do try to find ways of making my casual looks fun and interesting. Let me share some ways to take your casual comfy looks from boring to banging! 
First of all don't let any one tell you being comfortable in your clothing is a bad thing.  I don't understand why any one wants to be uncomfortable in what they wear. Being uncomfortable doesn't come off as confident and we all know confidence in what we wear makes a big difference. Fashion is all about confidence, and feeling good in your clothing is what makes you stylish.
I am that girl who lives in jeans and tees, its just what I love to wear. I mean what can be more basic than a pair of jeans and t-shirt! Jeans and t-shirt is probably the most common casual look any one can wear. So how can you take this basic look and make it more stylish?
Details! It's all in the small details you can add to your outfit that make the difference. Adding some interesting prints or patterns, or mixing unexpected colors will elevate your casual look. Like this look here, I'm wearing basic distressed jeans, with a top that has an interesting print. The print in a metallic color makes this basic knit top more interesting than a plain t-shirt. I also added the my slip on Vans with a print which contrasts with the top. The old rules of having to match your shoes with your bag or accessories are outdated. I use to think you couldn't mix prints, patterns or certain colors.  Now I just mix it up and love the end results. Add some fun accessories too, just don't go too crazy. Since the top and shoes had prints, I kept my jewelry simple. However I did add a small fringe bag for more fun details.  
So next time you wear a casual outfit and feel its too boring, add some fun details. Think interesting prints, mix patterns, even adding different textures can make it more interesting. Fashion should be fun, so forget those antiquated "fashion rules" and make some of your own!
Outfit DetailsDistressed Jeans: H&M $10 Metallic Aztec Print Top: Lane Bryant $6.99Slip On Vans (Eley Kishimoto Collab): Vans Outlet $19Fringe Bag: Urban Outfitters (gift)Sunnies: Local Shop $5
How do you make your casual outfits more stylish and fun?
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