Hello Hello!  This is going to be a fun fashion post detailing All the swimsuits I’ve worn thus far along with the one I shot for this blog. 

First off, I’ll start with the ones I didn’t shoot for the blog but that I’ve worn to the pool! First off is this beauty from Swimsuits For All – it’s stylish And comfy to swim in. 

Then comes this bohemian number from boohoo.com. Love the playful knot at the top and the prints. 

I then acquired this pretty retro one piece from Forever 21 Plus! Super comfy to swim in as well. 

This pink number is The most comfy swimsuit. It doesn’t have a brand but who cares? I love it. 

Then comes the controversial swimsuit of course, the one that garnered so much attention Instagram removed it ‘accidentally’ .. this beauty is from Swimsuits For All

And now, we come to probably the most daring I have gone with a bikini…

*drumroll* …. 

Tadaa! A metallic shade swimsuit from Forever 21 Plus. You can obtain the top and bottom from the stores, it’s still in stocks last time I checked. 

This makes me feel like some female Superhero for some reason hahaha. I really like metallic shades and was instantly drawn to it although I was self conscious about the top being a halter neck. They’re not very forgiving on us folks with flabby arms but then again, I dislike the term flattering..this isn’t worn to please anyone but myself so what the hell right? :) 

I must say…I absolutely love how the photos turned out. It’s been an unseasonably rainy year in sunny Singapore and this was one of those lucky days the sun was shining for a blog shoot! I remember the previous one I shot while it drizzled, of course I still enjoyed myself but brrrr I caught a chill after! 

I look at these images and think about how it was only a year ago that I dared to venture into scary territory with a two piece. Before that I was too shy to even be out and about in a one piece suit! So I feel really proud of how far I have come. I don’t have as many bad fashion blogging days as I used in the beginning – the irony being I was a size 14/16 then and now I’m a size 20. It goes to show that it is Not the size that dictates how you carry an outfit and appraise yourself. Because I’m a whole lot more confident and at ease with my body than I used to be. 

If I’m not wrong, I purchased that hair thingie (for the want of a better descriptor) at Lovisa. Oh you know, that store you only ever read I buy accessories from! ;p 

Truth be told, I was apprehensive about this shoot. I’ve had so much on my plate of late and I didn’t know if I could carry this suit off. But once I got into my posing and smize-ing, my shoulders relaxed and it felt less unnerving. And taking a look at the finished product with these images made me really happy. 

This swimsuit is a lounge suit more than a functional “Swimming laps” suit but that’s okay, it’s definitely going to be packed for when I go for my annual holiday! 

I traced some neon lime eye shadow over the upper lash line and finished with my Benefit mascara and LA Splash matte liquid lipstick. Speaking of lipsticks, I am SO in the mood for metallic lipsticks so watch this space for a makeup haul! 

Here’s some selfie silliness after the shoot : 

I’m pretty exhausted from being hard at work this week, which I will tell you more about in another post. There is Nothing like starting and ending a week by doing  something you enjoy – It’s a good habit I hope to always hold on to. 

In light of the darkness and tragedies around the world, I hope my post added some sparkle and a smile to your face. And please do remember to be kind to yourself 💛 

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