Lets talk about this dress for a second, shall we? It looks like your basic skater dress but somehow its so much more than that. Society-Plus upped the skater dress game to a whole new level!

For full disclosure, Society Plus did send me this dress for free. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again; I would never, ever talk up a product I didn’t believe in. I’ve never thought much of skater dresses, sure they’re cute but not something I’d ever actively rave about to anyone. But the second I put this dress on I actually squeed. Full on high pitched squeeing and jumping around. First off, it fit like a glove, even though I was given a 14/16 instead of the 18/20 I requested. I’m happy for the mix up because the size couldn’t be more perfect for my own personal taste. I immediately started brainstorming every single way I could wear this dress and oh, the places I could go in this! Canada Day, July 4th, Picnics, Park Dates, Walks by the River, Coffee Dates and more.






Not a fan of the red and white colour combo? Not a problem because Society-Plus offers such a large selection of different colours in this dress. I genuinely want to go back and get a few more because I love it that much. Its not everyday that I find a dress that I feel like I can both throw on to just rush out of the house and dress up to feel my cutest. There isn’t enough I can say to accurately portray how much I love this dress. So, I’ll just leave you with even more photos of myself obviously feeling the heck outta my whole look!




Dress: Society-Plus

Shoes: Thrifted

Sunglasses: Sunglasses Spot