Happy Memorial Day you guys. I am excited about this post, because it is my first "Lifestyle" post. Now that I re-found my passion for blogging again, I want my blog to capture the true essence of me. Posting just outfit photos with a brief description is becoming a bit boring. I want to challenge myself with getting into more photography and posting things that inspire me.I attended the BAM Festival this year, and I attend almost every single year. It was such a fun event. I gain some inspiration from the people, the food, the fashion,  the music, the art, and the beautiful conversations. This year was no different. I loved the fashion this year, I definitely bought a few things.
I just loved these African Instruments. So I had to snap a photo!
Look at all these gorgeous clutches. I seriously wanted them all.
I bought this one. Only $30, such a great steal for this beautiful handmade bag.
Earrings Galore. I needed every pair.
Such amazing art! R.I.P to Prince this art piece was even  more beautiful in person. 
This look was totally inspired by Lemonade by Beyonce. I received so many positive compliments, I felt absolutely beautiful. 
Unfortunately this skirt is sold out in Lanebryant. I am sad because it was online a few days ago. However I found some alternatives. 
Alternate Skirt: HereHere  or  Dress: Here