I have been that one fat girl that's not feeling the "sexy onsie" look that has been trending. But if I'm going to be completely honest, it was probably because I thought I couldn't find one that would look great on me.
This jumpsuit from Rebdolls is LIFE! 
It hugs all my curves whether I want it to or not but I'm still obsessed with it. Im going to admit I was scared shitless to wear this. I was unsure because I'm not a size 16, I do not in any way have a flat stomach and I don't have the typical curvy hourglass figure. When I realized that I was worrying about the opinions of others I had to cut that out real quick. 
The plus size community has grown to this massive market place over the last few years and I am proud to say I am apart of it. At the same time I have also grown in size, blame food lets be real, lol.  Unfortunately  plus companies don't represent the full spectrum of plus size women. Yes there is Tess  Holiday and I love her, her message and most importantly her body! But, where are the rest of the extra big girls?? We are the ones who actually spend our money and the least they can do is put a size 3x/4x or larger on the big screen.
    Jumpsuit: Rebdolls
Shoes: Torrid 
    Fur: FOC Details
 So the next time you see an outfit that scares you I dare you to buy it and wear it! Who's gonna stop you? 
                                                                                  xo Garcia