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Hi again everyone! Sorry I've been so terrible AGAIN with updating the blog. But anyway, I'm back, and I have lots of new posts planned. This one is all about things that are making me feel festive. I love Christmas, so I decided to treat myself to a beauty advent calendar this year! I've not had one before, as I've seen them on plenty of blogs over the last few years.
I didn't know what one to go for, because there are so many options nowadays, I kinda wanted the Body Shop one, but at £60 it was more than I wanted to pay. I ended up with this pretty L'occitane one, which was cheaper at £40. I've opened 17 of the days so far, and I really like the contents. I have lots of pretty sample sized creams and things. There's also a few non beauty bits in there, like illustrated gift tags, and name cards, which I plan to put to use, since I'm hosting Christmas again this year. It's definitely more exciting than my chocolate calendar.
 photo sdgvewfw.jpg Asda bring out the cutest Christmas bedding every year, so I decided to get some. It was £12 for a double size, and now my bedroom feels very Christmassy. The Thumper pillows don't really go though, haha!  photo sfesfe.jpg
Blossoming Gifts sent me another of their bouquets to review, I picked this Cinnamon Spice one from their Christmas flower range, and it smells SO good! The cinnamon sticks really make the living room smell delightful, and the red flowers and berries certainly add a festive feel. You can still get 33% off a bouquet with code BGIFTS33.
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Decorating the house for the second year! We put our tree up a few weeks ago, and I got this wreath for basically free with my Tesco clubcard points. I decorated with some of their tree decorations, also bought with my points! Would have hung it on the front door, but it's made of plastic, so can't really put a nail in the door without compromising it!
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Carl & I went ice skating and Christmas shopping together in the local town centre the other week, where there was a "German" Market on. We got these adorable gingerbread hearts for each other, how cute are they? Not sure I can bring myself to eat mine, it's just decorating the dresser in the living room at the moment.