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I did a room tour about 3 years ago, but since I've moved out since, I thought it was about time I did another. I love seeing other people's rooms & how they choose to decorate, so hopefully you find this interesting too. Since I rent, I can't paint the walls or hang too many pictures, which limits me slightly, because I'd love a pastel colour on the wall, and I loved the picture wall behind the bed in my old room.
 photo dgdgt.jpg  photo gdgdre.jpg  photo sdfewf.jpg
Most of my furniture is the same, I bought it all myself so I took it with me when I moved. This dressing table is a new piece, I bought it earlier this year from a vintage shop. It was only about £100, which for such a pretty piece is amazing. It also has lots more storage than my last dressing table, so in the top drawer is all my makeup & skincare, & in the bottom my hair stuff.
 photo rrgfdsg.jpg
I also finally have bedside tables instead of chairs! I upcycled both of these, the one on the left was my boyfriend's which he brought with him when he moved in. I painted it mint & added a vintage bunny decal to make it more my style (this one is on my side of the bed!). The one on the right used to be my sister's, & was plain pine. I painted it a baby blue, & hand painted some canal boat style flowers on the knobs & bottom door. The desk lamp is also Carl's, I'm trying to convince him to replace it with something cuter, haha!
 photo dfgd.jpg  photo rgdgdr.jpg
That's pretty much it, even though I can't do exactly what I'd like, I feel like it is still pretty "me". What do you think?
 ♥ Georgina
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