Here I am chasing cherry blossoms somewhat unsuccessfully over the weekend. A friend told me that the Abbotsford Convent had a beautiful cherry blossom tree in bloom so I checked the geotag on instagram and saw that it was in full bloom three days previously and decided to hedge my bets and venture down to see it in it's full beauty for myself. Unfortunately it seems three days was enough time for it to start to wilt, but it still was a pretty sight to see. I wore my new ultimate dream outfit comprising of pretty pastel pieces layered under an amazing black sheer patchwork dress from Gorman's incredible latest SS15 collection.Outfit detailsPink leather jacket GormanPink skivvy Uniqlo HeatTech Fleece Turtle NeckPink pleather skirt Revival from Dangerfield Sheer black patchwork dress GormanPastel pink tights We Love Colors plus size tights. Free shipping to Australia right now!Pink Brogues TopshopPink pom pom earrings Poms JewelleryCharm necklace GormanFlower hair clip A girl in the street in TokyoPink dog bag Thrifted from Savers
 I found this bag at Savers for only $3.99 and just had to have it for all it's amazing silly cuteness.Pink dog bag Thrifted from Savers
 Oh I dyed my hair pink using Fudge recently, it was meant to be a little more pastel but it will fade out and I kinda like this bright pink anyway. What do you think?
 WOW look at that, I'm not wearing glasses! Yes I have finally got contact lenses. I've actually asked my optometrists over the years for contacts but was always told I probably couldn't wear them, but my new optometrist said I definitely could. There's actually no reason why I couldnt. I am so confused and angry about my previous optometrists saying I can't, was it purely and simply fat shaming - like there was no point in me wearing them as I was already fat and therefore ugly? I actually can't work it out. Sadly contacts wearing means I can't grow my nails long, at least not just yet as I still am getting used to putting them in. It took me over two hours on my first try to get them in but now it takes me under five minutes for both eyes and is getting easier and easier with each try. This means I can wear all my designer sunglasses now and not just stick to the few pairs that I had prescription lenses put into. Also hello fake eyelashes which I'm wearing above. I could never wear them previously as they would hit my glasses constantly. My makeup also needs to change slightly as it's a little too bold perhaps as I needed it to be stand out to be seen whilst wearing my specs. I'm still going to be wearing my glasses most days, contacts are just for special occasions or for days when I want to wear my sunnies. It's so weird to be able to clearly see my face when not wearing my glasses for the first time in years, which means I can clearly see what I'm doing when I'm doing my makeup too.
 I can wear sunglasses and SEE! Thank you contact lenses!Pink sunglasses Craig & Karl for LeSpecs
Charm necklace Gorman
Pink sunglasses Craig & Karl for LeSpecsPink pom pom earrings Poms JewelleryCharm necklace Gorman
Pastel pink tights We Love Colors plus size tights. Free shipping to Australia right now!Pink Brogues Topshop
 Bonus #pinkcore outfit underneath.Rosette Brooch Lightning HeartPink skivvy Uniqlo HeatTech Fleece Turtle NeckPink pleather skirt Revival from Dangerfield Pastel pink tights We Love Colors plus size tights. Free shipping to Australia right now!Pink Brogues TopshopPink pom pom earrings Poms Jewellery
 If you follow me on instagram you would know that Lena Dunham followed me on instagram and commented on one of my photos "You are so fresh to death!!!' which was maybe the best moment of my life so far! So when I saw this 'fresh to death' rosette brooch pop up on my friend Phebe's Etsy store a few days later I knew I had to have it to celebrate that Lena Dunham moment forever and ever.
FRESH TO DEATH cos Lena Dunham said so!!! ✿♥‿♥✿Rosette Brooch Lightning Heart
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