I’m 100% body positive. I love my fat peeps, my skinny peeps, my short, tall, black, white, and everything-in-between peeps! I truly believe that every body is beautiful in its own unique way.

    I’ve been fat my whole life. Even when I was suffering from anorexia and bulimia, and had shed over 100 lbs. In my mind, I was still fat. 

     It took me a hell of a lot of hard work to learn that I was worth loving. The fact that I truly believe it is something I’m proud of, because that realization may come easily to some, but it didn’t for me. 


 When somebody tries to take that kind of self-love away from me, or from anyone — I get angry. 

   I’m so sick of seeing women tear each other down in order to build themselves up! 

   Because I’m fat and pretty, it doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty and thin! 

   There is more than one way to be beautiful, and more than enough beauty in this world to go around! 

   Who is anyone to assume that it has anything to do with size? 

   Size is a tangible thing. You can see size, measure it — feel it… Beauty is all in our heads. 

   What I’m really trying to say here is — go ahead and believe you’re prettier than me. If that’s how you see it, than to you, it’s the truth. 


   But know, that my truth looks different. In my mind, the fact that you are thin doesn’t automatically qualify you to be beautiful. 

   Thinness isn’t a prerequisite to beauty — kindness is. 

     So no honey. If you can’t see that your beauty standards do not define me, then just know that you’re thinner than me — not prettier — and don’t get the two confused. 


Crop top, Flaws of Couture – here 

Skirt, Eloquii – here 

Clutch, Aldo – similar  

Shoes, Payless – here 

PS. Here are a few things I find beautiful, from an abandoned building, one of my favourite places to shoot!