I get asked all the time about my wigs and how I make them, well it's time that I share this quick and easy method.
When it comes to making wigs the "Hot Glue Method" isn't new, in fact many weaveaholics have been doing this for years. I personally love this method because it saves me so much time, I can knock out a wig in 30mins. But like all good things this method has its pros and cons see below:
Saves Time
Lays Flat
Seals Wefts (minimum shedding)
Easy to take apart and reconstruct
Glue can get messy if you're not careful
If glue gets wet and you don't dry immediately, glue will loosen
Wig can be a little stiff at first, but will loosen up a little after a couple of wears
If you ask me the pros outweigh the cons, the con's are like a warning (be careful when constructing your wig and dry immediately after getting wet)...
When looking into cost for making this wig it's little to nothing. The main thing you having to worry about is the sizing of the cap measured to your head. While prepping my cap I like to fill it out with plastic bags while on the styrofoam head, this helps assures me that my cap will be large enough for my head. Not everyone will have to do that trick, but if you have a large head I suggest you try it, you can also mold you styrofoam head to the same size of your head.
 Now that I've shared my tips and tricks, check out my video explaining how I construct my wig and let me know if you have any questions.... Also all products used are listed below.
 Watch Youtube Video Below
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