I have acquired SO MANY new bikinis this year, and so this will be a mass review of them all. I have already done a few in depth reviews of some styles alreay this year, but then my collection ran away with me – I blame my looming minimoon and honeymoon! I took these photos at the weekend. I rolled out of bed, gobbled down some breakfast and took them with the intention of chopping my head off in the photos, but then I thought…why? This is how I would look if I were to roll out of bed and hit the Australian beach (November!!!!!!!!) and so why not show the more realistic bikini body and face! And so, without further ado… here is my collection!


The bikini: Curvy Kate Beach Bloom Size: 36GG/18 Fit: The bikini top was a perfect fit! It was snug without being painful, the cups encased me perfectly and gave me a great lifted look – and it’s nice to have a padded top for once! My size is all over the place right now, but generally I am about a 34H/HH, and so I would say to go up in the band in this. The briefs are not something I could ever wear sadly, at least not in this size. My bum takes up all the room and they are a bit too skimpy. A 20/22 might be better but I do prefer slightly higher briefs as I would be scared that these would fall down! Comfort: The top is soooooo comfy! Love love love! I feel secure, uplifted and beautiful – I even ran around the park in it with my friend’s son. Appearance: Turquoise is my favourite colour and this will pop against a tan – I LOVE the colours. Buy it: Curvy Kate Beach Bloom at Brastop.com


The bikini: Panache Britt Bandeau Size: 38H/20 Fit: I have found Panache strapless bikinis to come up super small all over, and so I went for a 38H in this. I think that a 38GG might have been better, but because the cups have to be super supportive in order for it to work as a strapless it’s a tricky one. The band is super super firm and fastens in a sort of sarong style rather than a straight forward clip up. I tried it as a strapless, but my boobs are not great without the support and I prefer it with. The bottoms are a perfect high waisted fit, although I would love them to be slightly skimpier on my bum cheeks. Comfort: It’s firm, but comfy. I feel like I would tackle big waves in this and it would stay up! Appearance: I look like a chubby pin up – what could be better! Although if I burnt easily I would lay off the red. Buy it: Panache Britt bikini at Simply Be.


The bikini: Debenhams Gorgeous Aqua Draped Bikini Size: 38G/18 Fit: This bikini stops at a G and so I sister sized in order to fit it. Naughty, but I think you can get away with it in bikinis. The bikini top fit really well, but a 36GG would have been preferable. The size 18 bottoms fit fine, but if there were a high waisted option I would have loved that! Comfort: This is super comfy! Again – padded cups, woohoo! Appearance: I love the colour SO MUCH! It will pop against a tan – and the little silver details on the straps are lovely. Buy it: Debenhams Gorgeous Aqua Draped bikini at Debenhams.


The bikini: GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All Pink Bikini Size: UK size 22, cups E/F, briefs 20 Fit: I knew that this bikini wouldn’t fit me perfectly as I had to buy a size that is way way off in order to get something that fits. The band is very roomy and rides up quite a lot, and I have fallen out of the cups and into the longline band portion. The briefs are surprisingly super super snug – sizing up might have been preferable but they still work ok. Comfort: This is more of a lounging bikini top wise – the bottoms could probably withstand a brutal surfing session! Appearance: Despite the lack of support I do get a really great shape from the padded cups. I love the zips on the briefs and how high they come up. Buy it: Shop GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All.


The bikini: Freya South Pacific bikini top and Elomi Swim Essentials briefs Size: 36H/20 Fit: I love Freya but the fact that they only go up to an XL in their briefs kills me! Thankfully, I was able to pair the top with these great briefs from Elomi that almost match perfectly. The top fits brilliantly – a 34HH would also work but on the beach I like a slightly looser fit at times to lessen the back fat, and this does that. The briefs are super snug in the most perfect way. Comfort: This is such a comfortable ensemble! I get so many people asking abut one pieces for big boobs, but I truly think that a look like this is the answer when it comes to getting support, comfort and coverage. Appearance: The reds aren’t a 100% perfect match but they do the job! Buy it: Buy the Freya Souuth Pacific plunge bikini top at Lazeme, and buy the Elomi swim essential classic red briefs at Elomi.


The bikini: GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All Iridescence bikini Size: UK size 22, cups E/F, briefs 20 Fit: As with the pink bikini, I had to get this bikini in a size that doesn’t work because I wanted it so much! I did actually find that this one fit me a lot better – slightly firmer in the back with slightly more forgiving briefs. Comfort: As I said, the fit was way better and that meant that I was far more comfy in it. The band was still loose and my boobs moved a lot butit’ll be perfect for lounging. Appearance: Look at it! That oil slick beauty – it’s lovely! All the yes for the high waisted briefs once again. Buy it: Shop GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All.


The bikini: Freya Bondi Size: 36GG/XL Fit: As this is a padded style it stops at a GG (again – why Freya! GG+ like to hide their nips as well) but the fit was really good (Ok, I forgove you Freya…but please do make GG+ padded!). The band was great and the cups encased me perfectly. As I mentioned earlier, I would love Freya a whole lot more if their briefs went beyond an XL/16. These fit ok but an 18/2XL would have been preferable. Comfort: I wore the top a few weeks ago and ran around with my friend’s little toddler and felt great – slightly like my boobs would fall on his head when I bent down to pick him up but generally pretty good. The briefs are tight but bearable. Appearance: It’s amazing! Look at it! So bright and fun. Buy it: Shop the Freya Bondi collection at Lazeme.


The bikini: Elomi Tahoe Size: 36H/20 Fit: I do find that Elomi swimwear tends to seperate the girls rather than push them together, but it did mean that this set left me feeling supported and super secure – this is another one to battle strong waves in. I could have done with a 34HH if Elomi went that low, but this still works. The briefs were surprisingly firm for a 20. I found they hit me at a funny part – a little longer would have been fab. Comfort: This set is sooooooo comfy! I know I have said that a lot in this post – I have lots of comfy bikinis ok! Appearance: Well it’s leopard print. And turquoise. Hashtag winning – although, as I said, higher briefs would have been delicious. Buy it: Shop the Elomi Tahoe at Lazeme.


The bikini: Curvy Kate Luau Loves Bandeau and Forever 21+ briefs Size: 36G/2XL Fit: I tried this bikini on when I visited CK HQ recently and it was decided that the 36G was the best fit on me. I tried to wear this as a strapless but sadly my boobs just couldn’t do it! Being that this is a strapless, the band is super tight – as back views show, that meant very tight on me. It still worked ok but a 38 might have been better. Both briefs are 18/2XL. The CK briefs are super firm and fitted and I could have gone for a Large in the Forever 21+ ones! Comfort: The band is firm and it’s not uncomfortable, but it is noticeable. Again, this is one for strong waves and lots of movement. Both briefs were comfy in their own ways, and I like having the option of pairing either one with this set. Appearance: The button details and high waisted briefs make the original set really cute, and I love the splash of colour with my added bottoms. Buy it: Shop the entire Curvy Kate Luau Loves collection at Figleaves. Shop Forever 21+ swimwear.


The bikini: GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All zigzag top, Forever 21+ briefs Size: UK22 E/F top, 2XL bottoms Fit: I definitely wore this GabiFresh bikini as a full set for my recent shoot with Volup2, but somewhere inbetween acquiring millions of rats and several boxes of tealights and pick’n’mix for the wedding, my flat is ever more disorganised and they have gone AWOLl! Happily, my Forever 21+ briefs complete the look perfectly! This top fits just like the pink GabiFresh bikini top – it’s beaut but slightly impractical. All of the Gabi bikinis have detachable straps, but the lack of support makes that a nono. It does mean that they can be crossed over at the back or front and create a different look if wanted. The briefs fit slightly firmer and higher than their floral counterparts, but a 2XL would still be better. Comfort: This is a lounging combo – a looser fit all round. Appearance: The stripes on the bikini and the cut outs on the briefs make this combo look fabulous! Edgy and chic. Buy it: Shop GabiFresh for Swimsuits For All. Shop Forever 21+ swimwear.

I hope you enjoyed my bikini round up! I think that when you have big boobs it’s better to get a supportive bikini and then your level of comfort briefs wise rather than a swimming costume that gives you camel toe and possible less support. Do remember that Elomi sell super high waisted briefs that can make it look like you are wearing a costume – shop the briefs at Lazeme. Let me know of any gems you have found recently :)