I grew up having Christmasses, you know. It was the one time of the year when my mother and I would temporarily declare truce and things actually felt festive. I’m so excited I’m doing Christmas this year, after like more than a decade - AND it’s going to be my first proper Christmas with my partner, which makes it doubly exciting! In anticipation of which I pranced around with some tinsel in the front yard today afternoon.

This dress was gifted me by Voodoo Vixen ages ago, but what with being busy and sickly, I just couldn’t find the time to take photos in it. It’s the Susie Meow dress, and while pinup is still not my thing, I thought this would adapt very well to being dressed down - which it has, I think! I adore woolen dresses with all my life, and this is a lovely thick wool, fully lined and incredibly well constructed and finished. The size does run quite small though, as I got the XL and it was a bit of a struggle to zip up on my own! 

My socks are the Tabbisocks over the knee ones from my last post, and incase I didn’t mention it before, these are the only OTK’s I’ve found that actually go above my knees and stay up! I have stupidly long legs for my height and over knee socks rarely make it past my knees. Like, seriously, I’m all legs and belly. 


Voodoo Vixen Susie Meow dress  //  Old Alice Takes A Trip blouse  //   Tabbisocks Pointelle Diamond Over The Knee Socks  //  Bass Wayfarers 

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